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Event planners have a really stressful job of just finding speakers and musicians for their events, let alone making sure these speakers and musicians will deliver the results they are looking for. Chris Swan is a motivational rapper and speaker with years of experience who delivers a show that is funny, inspiring and filled with music that will keep you humming for weeks to come. Once you’ve booked Chris for your next event, you can check quality entertainment that will inspire your attendees off your list!  

Who Am I? 

Hi. My name is Chris Swan. I am a hip-hop artist, piano player and the founder of Soul Motivation Records. I have struggled with insecurities and poor self-image my whole life. Although I always knew I wanted to make music, I never really took the time to figure out the other details. This led to an unfocused, miserable life. I began to turn to alcohol and food to try to make myself happy. After more than 10 years of misery, I decided I couldn’t take it anymore. I quit drinking and started to pursue my dream of creating music that inspires people! I saw so much pain around me and I knew it didn’t have to be like that. I created Soul Motivation Records and began the biggest change of my life! Now I want to show others that they can have the same thing. You were born with a purpose. I am here to help you answer the question: What is your soul motivation?  


My Mission

To use music and stories from my life to entertain, educate and empower people from 10 years old to 100 and to help them truly discover what they were born to do!  

What Are My Live Events Like?

Funny. Inspiring. Insightful. I use stories from my life to show others what is possible in theirs. Some stories will have you laughing and nodding along because you have been there too. Some stories are full of struggles I have dealt with and the tools I used to overcome some serious adversity. All of it delivered with exciting video and catchy music that you will find yourself humming days later! My Live Events are designed to challenge you to look inside and see what truly motivates you. I will then show you how to take that discovery and build the life you were meant to live!  

Get A Custom Made Song For Your Event!

Yep you read that right! I can create your very own custom made song and perform it live at your event! I can also record the song and license it to you exclusively so you can use it in your advertising, on your website, or any other place you want! Be sure to ask about this option during your booking call!

Take A Listen To Some Of The Songs I Perform In My Live Events!

"I want to help you make your event the talk of your industry! Let's make it an event to remember!"

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Chris Swan Founder and CEO of Soul Motivation Records

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